About Amanda

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Hi! I am a New England based wedding, family, and portrait photographer.


I'm a storyteller at heart and I LOVE to create soft, dreamy, playful photographs. I adore working with yummy natural light and producing thoughtful, conceptual, fine-art portraits.

I am deeply inspired by the opportunity I have to share my clients' special moments, capture their joy, and explore their unique and beautiful worlds through my lens.


Five Fun Facts!

1. I started my career as a concert photographer, and have shot everyone from Nas, to Beck, and Fiona Apple

2. My favorite lens to have on set right now is the Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art Lens

3. I'm a bonafide cat lady (and proud of it!)

4. I'm a bit of a closet-nerd and have a sizable stash of comic books and graphic novels

5. If I could exist on a diet of burritos, I would


My Philosophy, Approach
& Promise:


My Philosophy

A picture becomes a photograph once it begins to tell the subject's story. A story as impactful as it is emotional - a story that is vivid, bright, and alive!

I come to every session as my clients' biggest fan and advocate. It's my honor to explore their stories and capture their memories as we create timeless, effortless reminders of love, family, and life.


My Approach

I approach every shoot with the goal of capturing heartfelt, sincere moments that leave my clients feeling warm and fuzzy for years to come. Portrait and family sessions are oftentimes playful - full of laughter, fun, and adventure!

I LOVE to shoot outdoors when the light is dramatic and engaging, right after sunrise or before sunset. Prior to the shoot, I work with all of my clients on their vision, what to expect, and how to prepare.

After our session I treat post production with just as much thought and care as I do the actual shoot. I do all editing in-house, and love to watch my client's photos transform into vivid portraits or kinetic, emotional backdrops of a moment in time.


My Promise To You

Bright, dreamy photographs that you will cherish for years to come

A joyful, loving photo shoot that will likely leave your belly aching from laughter

Ease and comfortability in front of my camera

Rapid, responsive turnaround and client revisions (24-hr turnaround avail. on request!)

High-end retouching & color correction that result in stunning, timeless photographs

Flexibility to meet and exceed all of your needs, whilst navigating the hectic time-lines and large shot lists that typically accompany weddings, events, and commercial projects



Let's Chat!

Whether you're looking for a wedding photographer, planning a romantic, surprise proposal for your sweetheart, or you need a new family photo, I'd love to hear your story. Let's take some time to chat! I can't wait to hear from you. Feel free to email me at amanda@amandamacchiaphoto.com.