Wedding: Charles River + Benedetto

A+J had such a fun, unique wedding. The bride got ready at a friend’s house, and the groom got ready at the couple’s newly purchased home. We did their first look on the back porch with all their friends and family watching behind a sliding glass door. The two couldn’t have been cuter together. J was so excited to see A in her dress and I think he was a little stunned by how gorgeous she looked. Can you blame him?!

After the first look we took some photos with their kitty (a MUST for all those cat lovers out there - and for those wondering, it’s the groom who’s the cat lower in this equation!), and then all their friends and family packed onto a pair of yellow school buses and headed to Boston for their wedding! A+J tied the knot on a boat floating down Charles River, with resplendent views of Boston rolling by. The pair had their small reception at Benedetto in Harvard Square, and we got their right in time to take advantage of the sunset. We strolled over to JFK park in Cambridge to bask in the warm, yellow glow of the late fall sunset to cap off the day.

Shot for Lisa Kretsch Photography

WEDDINGSAmanda Macchia