Engagement: L+M's Proposal | Boston Common

Matt contacted me just one week before his proposal - so we had a lot of work to do in a little time! Good thing he came prepared with a perfect plan. 

He asked me to approach him and his girlfriend, Leah, casually during a walk in the park. His idea, which was absolutely what we went with, was that I pose as a fashion photographer looking for folks to feature in my blog. I'd ask them if I could take their photo and they'd say yes (Matt made sure of that!). After a couple of snaps, I'd tell them that I just released a book and was wondering if they'd hold it in a photo for me.

Leah was hard to trick, but Matt and I pulled it off! She was completely surprised, and of COURSE she said yes. Why? Well.... Matt's a heck of a guy to have as your partner. The book that he asked me to use as a prop was actually an incredibly thoughtful scrapbook that told the story of their relationship and of Matt's feelings for Leah. My favorite part of the book was the 2nd to last page, which was filled with photos of Leah's accomplishments and in big, bold, letters spelled the words "I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!".

It's moments like these that I am reminded how much I love my job and why. Leah and Matt were overwhelmed and overjoyed with their engagement - it was a once in a lifetime moment I count myself lucky to have been a part of. I am forever thankful that I got to share in Matt and Leah's joy and love, and was given the opportunity to help tell their story. This is one shoot I will surely never forget.

Congratulations to Leah and Matt!!!!